Reviews On Lawsuit Financing Companies

We have reviewed and researched the following lawsuit financing companies to help you decide which company to apply a cash advance from.

  1. USClaims
  2. Peachtree Settlement Funding
  3. Law Capital Enterprises LLC
  4. Plaintiff Support Services
  5. Oasis Legal Finance, LLC
  6. Fair Rate Funding
  7. Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding

We encourage you to read our reviews and conduct your own research on other lawsuit financing companies.

1. USClaims

USClaims is a member of ALFA (American Legal Finance Association), an organisation that regulates the legal funding industry in New York… (Read the full review of USClaims)

2. Peachtree Settlement Funding

Peachtree Settlement Funding was an accredited business on BBB since 2009 with an A+ accreditation… (Read the full review and complaints of Peachtree Settlement Funding)

3. Law Capital Enterprises LLC

Law Capital was incorporated in November 2003 and accredited by BBB with a rating of A+ (this is an improvement from A-). Over 36 months, 5 complaints were… (Read the full review and complaints of Law Capital Enterprises)

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4. Plaintiff Support Services

Plaintiff Support Services is a member of ALFA (American Legal Finance Association), since the trade organisation’s founding in 2004. ALFA regulates the legal funding industry within the state of New York… (Read the fill review of Plaintiff Support Services)

5. Oasis Legal Finance, LLC

Oasis Legal has its BBB rating revoked. Several complaints have also been received. There is a government action against Oasis… (Read the full review and complaints of Oasis Legal Finance)

6. Fair Rate Funding

Fair Rate Funding is a legal financing company located in Mansaquan, New Jersery . A look on reveals that the company is not accredited. However… (Read the full review of Fair Rate Funding)

7. Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding

Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding, a lawsuit funding company, is a sister company to Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC. A search on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals no… (Read the full review of Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding)

Disclaimer: Conduct your own research. The review is provided for informational purposes. We will not be responsible for any issues faced with any companies listed.

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  • BArb

    Oasis finamce is nothing but LEGAL LOAN SHARKING This place is disgusting and takes advantage of people at one of the lowest times of their lives. I took a loan from them after they explaind to me that the payback would cap at 2%.. well i took a LOAN from them in the amount of 8,000.00 , now 3 years later, I have to repay them 29,750.00!! now how is that 2% of 8,000.00?? these people are crooks!! I am filing suit against them as I was not of sound mind when I signed those LOAN papers. I was in the hospital for mental health a month before dealing with them. I have been hosppitalized many times that year and for many years before that. I am on Social Secrurity Disability for my mental illness since 1998. These people have to be stopped and I garuntee you that I will do everything and contact everyone including my district congressman, senitor, and legislator and Washington if need be. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS!!> IT WOULD BE MUCH CHEAPER TO GO TO A LOAN SHARK ON THE STREET. BELIEVE ME, WE,I WILL FIND A LOOPHOLE IN THEIR SYSTEM. i WILL START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN VICTUMS OF THESE PEOPLE!!! YOU MAY CONTACT ME PERSONALLY AND I WILL ADVISE YOU OF WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO STOP THESE DIRT BAGS AND GET MOST OF YOUR MONIES THAT THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU BACK. MY EMAIL IS [email protected]. BARB

  • LAKelley

    I am pleased to say that Oasis came right in time for me! Without transportation, I would lose my NEW JOB! Thanks, Oasis

  • LaRoux

    Oasis has had their BBB accreditation revoked for failing to maintain accreditation standards and now has an F rating. Also, “On December 21, 2010, the Attorney General of Colorado, John Suthers, countersued Oasis Legal Finance, a Northbrook, Illinois, company in a declaratory judgment action filed by Oasis. The Attorney General alleges that Oasis engaged in unlicensed lending and deceptive business practices under the Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code and the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.” This was copied from a government action alert on the BBB website.

  • tom

    I have a medical negligence case pending with the underwriters for my lawyer who has had the case for 5 months. What is the likelihood that you can advance me $500 for christmas? I left a prior email but have NOT heard from you. You must be busy? I am in Arizona. thank you.

  • Logen

    Hi Tom, unfortunately we are not a lawsuit financing company. We review such companies to ensure fair reliability. Might I suggest that you seek help from one of our recommended companies. Sorry if we can’t be of more help.

  • Logen

    Thanks for informing us of this. We have clarified the review. Thanks again LaRoux.

  • Logen

    Thanks for your response BArb. The review on Oasis has been clarified since.

  • http://OasisLawsuitFinancing Alicek

    After viewing this commercial I knew this sounded like a shady deal!! Do not be fooled by these people!! I have heard many stories of how they scammed people out of money without their complete knowledge!! Check them out before you sign anything!


  • carmen

    i am so mad ,just found out after doing a transaction with peachtree settlement a few years ago ,that they charged me filing fees and court cost and closing cost out of my money and was never awear ofthat or i would never have done the transaction ,and i defintley did not get my moneys worth. i would never recconmend any one to peachtree ,and now they merged with jg wenthworth, and now they trying to get me for money that i dont have ,you would think they have this info since, they are now the same company.and sending me checks trying to get me to cash them .it is cause they know they are in the wrong ,and when i question them about it they got rude with me and avoid my calls. so now woundering what to do next to get the money that is owed to me.with all the charges they charged me.

  • elawsuitloans

    Hi! I would love to have you give us a review! We do not engage in any wrongdoing, but feel free to let me know! also you can email directly, [email protected] I would love to brief you on how we differentiate ourselves from others. NO hidden fees, UPFRONT advice and THE ONLY and FIRST legal funding company to provide an online application where users can track their application status for legal financing.


  • gene cavalli
  • Oliver Branson

    Do not hire Kevin P. Meehan at Princeton Lawsuit funding.Located at 5 Independence Way. He will screw you. Does not care about you at all. Check out this you will find him on page 12. Still an active investigation.