Peachtree Settlement Funding Review and Complaints

Peachtree Settlement Funding has been an accredited business on BBB since 2009. At the time of this review, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Peachtree Settlement Funding an A+ accreditation score.

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Unverifiable Employee Dissatisfaction at Peachtree Settlement Funding?

That said, there is unverifiable and contradicting information from a prior employee mentioning that Peachtree engages in aggressive sales tactics. The person who made the report did not disclose his identity and could very well be a competitor. Furthermore, there is a rebuttal from Tyler Smith (who works at Peachtree Settlement Funding) dismissing the claims. Take a look at the report by this unverifiable employee and the rebuttal (you may want to read the report with a grain of salt).

Conclusion Based on BBB’s Accreditation

Based on verifiable information (BBB), Peachtree Settlement Funding has settled its 9 complaints that occurred in the past 3 years. BBB is satisfied with how the complaints were handled and with Peachtree’s commitment to resolve complaints. As the pre-settlement funding company is deemed by BBB to have acted in good faith and have met BBB’s accreditation standards, Peachtree Settlement Funding is deemed reasonably reliable.


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